Viridiana Ortiz
Viridiana Ortiz

Associate in Arts

Viridiana Ortiz moved from Mexico to the United States with her family when she was 13 years old. The family relocated to pursue job opportunities in the agriculture industry. After traveling between Idaho and Washington for work they decided to settle in the Yakima Valley. “When we first moved to the United States I had a very hard time adapting culturally. I didn’t speak English and often felt isolated and bad about myself at school. I was able to take English Language Learners courses which helped me learn English and graduate from high school,” stated Ortiz. A first-generation college student, Ortiz enrolled at YVCC and has excelled in her coursework. In addition, she has been able to help other YVCC students by working as a tutor. She will graduate in June 2014 with an associate in arts degree. She then plans to transfer to Central Washington University and pursue a bachelor’s degree in education. She hopes to become a first-grade teacher and ultimately would like to pursue a master’s degree so she can teach at a college or university.

Viridiana Ortiz

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