Nazima Deonarine
Nazima Deonarine
Nazima Deonarine
Nazima Deonarine

Associate in Arts

Each year students like Nazima Deonairine come to the United States to pursue degrees. Deonarine was born in Guyana, a state on the northern coast of South America. After finishing high school she took some evening classes in accounting and business, however it was difficult to pursue a degree given the lack of higher education options in her area. Wanting to continue her studies she decided that attending school in the United States would be beneficial. “I came to the United States for a visit in 2009 and found out that YVCC had an International Student Program. I knew a family in Yakima, so I decided to enroll at YVCC,” stated Deonairine. “One of the first things that stood out to me when I came to the YVCC is the diversity. YVCC had people from all over the world because of the International Student Program. The program included people from Africa, Rwanda, Japan, and South Korea. The school’s demographics also include Hispanic students so I felt like right at home. I didn’t feel weird. I didn’t feel like I was sticking out. I felt like I blended in with everyone else,” she continued. Currently she is taking pre-requisite courses for YVCC’s Nursing Program.

What is the most significant thing about your country?
Probably the most significant thing about my country is it’s known as the land of many waters, because we are surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and there are lots of rivers and hiking trails within the country. There are also six different races of people, for instance; East Indian which I am. Our ancestors came from India, Africa, China, the native Indians, Portugal, and Europe.

How many languages do you speak?
My native language is English. I speak Creole. I also served a church mission in Venezuela, so I also know a little bit of Spanish.

What is your favorite thing about Yakima?
So far the most wonderful thing is the amount of different people I have met. I’ve made so many friends and that’s what has made YVCC so welcoming to me. With my family back in Guyana sometimes it gets lonely, but my friends, and the people I have met help me to feel welcomed and have a good time.

Nazima Deonarine

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