Meghan Walls
Meghan Walls

Associate in Arts

Megan Walls love of history developed at a young age. Attending field trips in elementary school, she decided that she wanted to learn as much as she could about ancient civilizations, specifically Greek and Roman. Knowing in high school she would seek advanced degrees in the field, she decided to enroll in YVCC’s Running Start Program as a way to help prepare her for university life and save money. Megan plans to transfer to the University of Washington when she finishes her degree at YVCC. Her goal is to earn her PhD. She is interested in archaeological fieldwork and would like to teach at a community college.

What made you interested in participating in Running Start?

When I first heard about Running Start I was interested because I could accelerate my education. I think it’s a great accomplishment to graduate with both a high school diploma and an associate’s degree. Plus I was interested in saving money, especially if I am going to get an advanced degree.

How has the Running Start Program helped you accomplish your goals?

When I first started with Running Start I was concerned that my friends weren’t doing the program, however I have made many new friends and it’s really helped me socially. Since my experience here has been so great I realized that I’d like to teach at a community college instead of a university someday. I really like the level of engagement faculty have with their students at the community college.

Would you recommend the Running Start Program to others?

I have recommended this program to others because it provides a break in the amount of money you’ll play in tuition. In addition it really helps you prepare for college. I like that once I have my prerequisites done I have the freedom to take whatever classes I want.

Meghan Walls

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