Associate in Science

Lewis Valladares grew up in the Lower Yakima Valley and graduated from Wapato High School. Following high school he began working at The Hanford Site as a technician. When Hanford went through a period of layoffs, Valladares was one of many employees who lost their jobs. Deciding to return to school, he chose YVCC for its close proximity to his home. “YVCC offered a great opportunity for me to further my education at a low-cost,” stated Valladares. While at YVCC he focused his studies on biology. In addition he served as the vice president of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. While visiting family members who were in the hospital and having spent time in the hospital himself, Lewis decided that he wanted to pursue a career in nursing. “I decided I wanted to become a nurse because they are the ones that inspire hope in patients. The doctors will come into to visit patients, but nurses are the ones that are with them all day and night, talking with them, and caring for them. I determined that I wanted to be the one who inspires hope,” continued Valladares. He graduated with an associate in science. This degree will allow him to pursue a bachelor’s degree in nursing.

Lewis Valladares

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