Associate of Applied Science in Dental Hygiene

Holly Marsh grew up in Custer, Washington close to the Canadian border. Following high school she attended Bellingham Technical College where she trained to become a dental assistant. After completing this training she worked in Bellingham for seven years. Wanting to expand her career options she decided to pursue a degree in dental hygiene and began taking prerequisite courses at Whatcom Community College. “I went on tours of several campuses with dental hygiene programs,” stated Marsh. “When I came to YVCC I found a smaller campus with a sense of community. During my tour I met with several staff and instructors from the program and everyone seemed much more welcoming than at other schools. I left that day with the impression that the program would be challenging, and knew that I wanted to study in an environment where I felt comfortable. That place was YVCC,” concluded Marsh. In addition to the rigorous course work Holly helped coordinate a program showcase for the legislative reception in Olympia. She, along with Dental Hygiene Instructor Sue Franck, provided legislators with information about dental hygiene education and the future of oral healthcare. Holly graduated with an associate of applied science degree in dental hygiene.


Holly Marsh

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