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Toppenish native Emily Blackeagle was interested in attending college but needed to find a way to save money. The high school junior also wanted a challenging academic setting. Her solution was to enroll in YVCC’s Running Start Program. At a young age Blackeagle had developed a love for both performing arts and music. Though her experiences working with the Missoula Children’s Theatre she knew that she wanted to pursue these interests as she transitioned into college. Blackeagle enrolled in drama courses and joined YVCC’s Salsa Band. The Salsa Band experience exposed her to many new things, including a trip to Puerto Rico to participate in the Festival de Jazz at the Conservatorio de Músicia. At the festival the band participated in workshops, instrumental clinics, and performances. One of the performances was especially significant for Blackeagle. At age 16 she had written her first original composition, Fayth, and had the opportunity to perform the piece with fellow band members at the event. Emily plans to pursue a degree in theatre and is looking into opportunities at Cornish College of Arts in Seattle and the Academy of Arts in California.

What has been your favorite thing about the Running Start program?

One thing I found out about college life is that there are so many more personalities and different people to meet. It’s interesting, and fun, and exciting. I really like that about going to school here.

Emily Blackeagle

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