Breihton Stuart
Breihton Stuart
Breihton Stuart

Associate in Arts

Breihton Stuart wanted to make sure that she got her college perquisites out of the way while in high school. With this goal, she enrolled at YVCC through the Running Start Program. The senior from Eisenhower High School has enjoyed the experience, especially participating in YVCC’s drama production of As You Like It. It has also given her the opportunity to meet a variety of new people. Breihton plans to transfer Central Washington University to complete her bachelor’s degree. Passionate about the Japanese culture she would like to live and work in Japan.

What made you interested in participating in Running Start?

I honestly don’t know how anyone wouldn’t be interested in participating in Running Start. I know lots of people who haven’t done so because they are afraid they will be missing out on the high school experience. I think Running Start is worth the sacrifice and I feel grateful for the opportunity.

How has the Running Start program helped you accomplish your goals?

Running Start has helped me accomplish my goals by allowing me to get my associates degree and most of my prerequisites completed when I graduate from high school. This will allow me to focus on my passions and interests when I transfer.

Breihton Stuart

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